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Your right, "Some" might" fork out $3000 or even more. Some just might not be enough to justify all the tooling or retooling, after all they are in the business of making money and I doubt it's going to be an old fashion revolver. Most shooters are mostly semi auto people.

So what's your point?
The point is that Colt isn't making them just because they're expensive to make. Its because of the COMBINATION of expensive to make PLUS inferior quality for the money. If a S&W is $1000 and a Colt DA is $2000, it will not be twice the quality, or even better quality at all. This goes back to something I've always said about a Python, they were never how people "remember" them today or they would not have quit making them.

I don't care what anyone says about how great Colt DAs were, if the crap that people toss out about them was true "best DAs ever made" they obviously would have a market share in the way Rolex and Randall knives do. Their inferior lockwork design coupled with an old manufacturing process(es) made them too expensive to build, and when a S&W for $400 is as good as a $600 Colt, well no one is going to buy the Colt. That's the truth in all of this. In addition, they were never a cut above S&W. Maybe they were before 1853 lol.

I like Colts, and I have a good one or two. "When the legend becomes fact, print the legend" is how I feel about the opinion of older Colt DA revolvers. I think their pre war stuff is incredible, but we also are not talking about their pre war stuff. Heck, even to the 70s their stuff was nice. But a point was reached where their missteps caught up with them, and they couldn't support themselves anymore by even saying "hey, this is a Colt!" because people wanted something better for their money, something that they could get for less from somewhere else.

Colt could do the same. A small but very profitable business for those willing to pay for the legend. They already do that with the SAA, so they must know by now that it works.
Their legend doesn't come from their DA line as much as their SA revolvers and early autos. So no, introducing an over priced over hyped DA revolver for 2x as much as a Ruger or S&W would not be a seller. Why buy it? The SAA is different since Colt introduced it, and the CAS, and how they're easier to make due to the simpler lockwork than a DA revolver.
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