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Frustrated...Like many others I'm sure

Hello All,

Thought I'd vent for a moment. It seems to be the same story for everyone but I can't seem to find CCI small pistol primers anywhere at a decent rate. All the mainstays are out and seem to have been out for at least a month since I've been looking(powderValley, Natchez, Grafs, etc. I've found plenty of them locally but they are blown way up in price ($45.99/1000, no that is not a joke. that's not counting sales tax)

I know its the same story for everyone at one time or another but I finally finished load development with CCI primers! Now, If I dont want to pay an arm and a leg, I've gotta start load development for primers that I CAN find at a Decent price: Winchester. Lovely....

Oh well, here we go again I suppose.

On the bright side, Now I'll have established loads for Winchester AND CCI primers. Who knows, Maybe I'll buy a few Federal and see if I can't develop a load for that too . Maybe not, I hear XL650s aren't big fans of federal primers....

Anywho, that's my rant.

Anyone know if the XL650 is actually finicky with certain primers? I know that even with CCI I have the occasional hiccup but anything really noticeable. personal experiences?

Thanks for reading!
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