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The other was the "Smolt" a S&W 22/32 Target mated with a barrel feom a Colt Officers Model Match. Again to get the small frame and smooth single action let-off of the Smith combined with the weight of the Colt's barrel. This was especiall popular with the ladies of that era.
I've seen Smolt and Smython used interchaneably and I thought they were the same thing. Your version of a "smolt" seems improbable, a "S&W 22/32 target" is a J frame model 35, matted with a Colt E frame (medium) barrel? So a small frame S&W with a medium frame Colt barrel?!?! I never heard or saw of that before. It would be a shame to butcher a S&W model 35 like that because they are scarce guns. If you meant a plain "kit gun", thats a model 34, which had adjustable sights BUT 2in or 4 and a baughman aka ramp front whereas the model 35 was 6in with a patridge front sight. If someone took a Colt OMM barrel to mate to a S&W, I would have to assume they would put it on a S&W 17/18, not a J frame.

Ever see one of the "cougars" or maybe "COuger" which was a security six with a Python barrel? They are around too. I call them "Pythgers" because I see them as a more silly concept than even a Smython.
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