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I read through the list and saw a whole bunch of "tool" guns. All appear modern, plain jane, common, etc. In these instances, research the scopes, you might end up getting a Savage 110 cheap (or something similar) that has a good scope, like a redfield 4x-14 or whatever.

The only two that personally interested me are the BAR 22 and the Winchester 72. The 72 was a bolt action tube feed 22 made from about 1935 until 1963. There were factory scoped 72s, 72 gallery guns (IIRC) and grooved receiver guns. There were also 72As which were later. If its a grooved receiver gun, they are usually always over $300 and clean ones are around $500. The problem here is that most 72s are beat compared to say 52s, which were the deluxe target offering. 72s were more of a bolt repeater for the youngster.

I don't know much about the BAR 22s but see if its made in Belgium or Japan and see what kind of wood it has, checkered or not, etc. It could be a good gun.

As others have said, you have homework to do. Its not the kind of gun auction I would be interested in but if you're looking for a fair quality hunting rifle, then its the auction for you.

Also, there was no "Russian mauser" its probably a Mosin Nagant rifle or something.
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