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Hi Weatherby. What you do is a good way to go. I kind of like it this way since

1. It makes less trhan half as much noise to chamber the first round.
2. Anyone needing the gun quick can see that a shell is on the ramp. Otherwise they may think one is chambered to find out the truth the hard way.
3. We are talking about a split second, but it takes less time to chamber the first shell.
4. The gun takes 7 instead of 6 rounds. If I closed the action on an empty chamber, it would only hold 7.
5. Though the risk of a discharge from a dropped gun is remote, it is still present with a round chambered but not here with one just sitting on the elevator.
6. Anyone that may erroneously thing the gun is empty should see from the shell sitting on the elavator, which is visible as the gun is stored with the open action facing out, that the gun is loaded.
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