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What's up with Belt Mountain? Can't get through to order a base pin.

Anybody know what's happening at Belt Mountain Enterprises? About three weeks ago, I sent an e-mail regarding the base pin I'd need for an older Uberti SAA replica. Received a reply with description of exactly what I should order. Kicking myself now for not getting the order done that day or the next. About ten days later I tried to order, first by e-mail, no response, then by telephone, no answer.

Tried this for a week and this morning I called and heard a fax tone, so hung up, printed out their fax order form, filled it out and tried all day to fax it to them. Did the tone ever happen again? Nope.

There are a lot of options available, but I like Belt Mountain's approach to these base pins relative to eliminating wiggle. However, I may have to give up. The pin is for an SAA replica (.44 Mag Uberti, '70s-'80s made, brass grip frame, not great condition, minus base pin) that I bought for cheap.

1. Does anyone know Base Mountain enough to be able to tell me if they are just out hunting game at the start of the season, or on annual vacation?

2. Any recommendations as to an alternative source of next-best quality and engineering? What I need is a .2495" (quarter-inch) diameter base pin that would fit standard Gen 2 or 3 Colt SAAs.

I see some alternatives on Gunbroker, but the pins don't have the cut-out placement that appears to make Belt Mountain's ones superior, relative to movement and wear.

Any advice or war stories will be appreciated.
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