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Your Mexican 1910 rifle is a M98 pattern rifle, any 7X57mm/7mm Mauser ammo you feed it will be fine.

7X57mm is the correct name for the cartridge in question. It is also called 7mm Mauser ( because of the firm that designes and marketed the rifles in that chambering), or sometimes just 7mm, although this last one confuses a lot of folks because there are several 7mm cartridges (7mm Remington Magnum, 7mm Weatherby Magnum, 7X61mm Sharpe & Hart, and so on, ad nauseam). The reason your particular rifle is marked 7mm is because that was what the cartridge was called by the Mexican army, and it replaced a number of older black powder carridges as well as lances and machetes (I am serious and not being derogatory of our neighbors to the south).
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