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I have lived and hunted all over the west for the last 30+ years. Yes, we have it all: open grassy meadow areas, thick wet Douglas fir forests, dry sage flats, tall mountains covered with aspen and manzanita so thick you end up walking on top of it sometimes, reprod so thick you can be standing 10' away from a buck and not be able to see him, and my favorite, the river gorges surrounded by rimrock table mountains/mesas. I like hunting the open areas, glassing, cruise a while, glass some more, and when you spot your deer you can plan a stalk and go head-to-head against him. I often hike 5-10 miles per day when hunting, I cover a lot of ground because I am looking for deer that move primarily at dawn and dusk and bed most of the day at the base of cliffs in the rimrock, and they are not easy to spot or get close to. Typically, I shoot 300 yds or less, so I don't need a flame-belching behemoth (don't get me wrong, I have owned several, but no more). I am not sure I would enjoy typical stand-hunting; not that I think it's too easy, it's just not my cup of tea.
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