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I was looking around last night at a few online and I do like the stevens 200, marlin x7 and the remington 700 but I was also looking at the savage axis because its price, at least online, dosnt change if its a right handed or a left handed model. I should be shooting left handed because its much more comfortable for a follow up shot if needed but price seems to be a big issue when you start going after a left handed rifle, at least from what I have found
Since you are a lefty you would be better off saving your money for a Savage 110, Remington 700 or a Ruger than buying the Axis. Being a southpaw does severely limit your options. Some good bolt action alternatives for you would be a pump action or single shot rifle. Remington Morley 760 rifles can be had pretty cheap on the used market. NEF/H&R handi rifles usually shoot pretty well and can be bought for around $300 new.
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