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Twins: to an extent, yes. I have always shot coyotes when i saw them. Sometimes I would let pups go just because they were pups. I hunted them in the past because they can and do kill my baby calves. It was a risk of doing business but i tried to do my part to mitigate that risk. The fact that one invaded my personal space and tried to kill my best friend not ten feet from my house has only served to harden my resolve against them. If i see one now and it lives, its because I missed. Not because I didn't shoot.

Gaseousclay: I agree that it may be the detachment of living in the city. Coyotes are vermin here. You would not spare a rat or mouse if you found it in your home would you? If you happened upon a nest of brown recluse spiders would you only kill one? No, you would try your best to kill all of them before they hurt you or a family member. Much like you wouldnt spare the vermin you encounter, I don't feel inclined to spare any coyotes I encounter.

Bob, thanks for the kind words. Maggie is already doing so much better than i could have hoped for. I hope something like this never happens to Spike. I'll keep posting pictures as i kill these coyotes unless there is disapproval and I am asked to stop. I have some 3" mag 00 buckshot I'm looking forward to trying out. I found out some time ago that a scoped rifle isn't much good when they break out of the brush thirty feet from you and close the gap fast. Its a rush seeing things like that. I am looking forward to finding out just how far inside out I can turn one with the buckshot at 25 ft or so.
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