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James K
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A couple of thoughts.

Check the ammo; is it factory or handloads? If the latter, how good is the loader? How good are the components?

If there is a scope, check the mounts for tightness and if possible try another scope. (Remember, you are shooting for a group size; adjusting the sights can come later.)

If there is no scope, check the barrel to see if the crown is good and the rifling is good.

If OK there, take off the foreend and the magazine tube and rest the rifle on the receiver (not on the barrel) on a sandbag. The reason is that the way the the tube and forend are put on that rifle, the forces warp the barrel every which way. Most 94's will shoot very well if all the stuff hung on the barrel is removed.

If any of the suggestions, work, we can see how to go about correcting the problem.

Jim K
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