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I guess i entered it to shoot a lot more, so im still ok with it. I donate Plasma 2 times a week for $ 280.00 a month. With that extra income ( free income ) I find i don't have to spend much out of my pay check to keep going.
Im no where near some of you in rifles or pistols that i own,but i think some times Im way ahead of most in rounds fired. MY reloading for 3 rifles ( 223, 308, 6MMBR and a 45 ACP ) run around $325.00 a month. 4 years later I still do this all on a single stage press. I have never felt the need to go to progressive. It is very relaxing for me.

To the OP-- Find another form of income just for your hobbie, Be it delivering Pizza or Plasma or ect ect. Makes everything much easier on the wallet.
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