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I have to admit that i'm on the fence with this. on the one hand, I can truly understand what you've been through. I know if a wild animal like a wolf or coyote attacked and maimed and/or killed my dog I would be furious and I would definitely try to keep my property safe from future attacks. on the other hand, I don't know if I could kill coyotes indiscriminately. I guess I only say this because I live in the city and thus haven't had this experience personally.

my father in-law is a dairy farmer and he has to routinely put down racoons because they destroy his corn crop. this is clearly a case of much needed pest control. I dunno. Killing one coyote is one thing but decimating as much of a single species as possible seems like overkill. couldn't you just build a pen for your dog so that wild animals can't get to her? I know i'll probably get flack for my comment but just wanted to offer my 2 cents
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