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Everything sounded great until you mentioned the handgun calibers.

If you get into reloading for handgun, you will likely want more than the 50 per hour your single stage press is likely to produce at maximum output.

An autoindexing turret press is worthy of consideration (in addition to your single stage). You will probably want to add that later.

But the "kit" you listed looks good for now. I loaded for several years on a single stage for my handguns. It just took more time. I started with the RCBS Jr. Then got a chance on a used RockChucker (which is overkill for my purposes and for your calibers, too, but a REALLY nice press). There is also the RCBS Partner. Which one is in your sights? They will all do, but I am curious.

I did not see a scale in your inventory. Extremely important. Even if you have a powder measure, you want to check your measure's settings against the charge weight listed in your manuals' recipes. Almost all reloaders have more than one manual, too.

Welcome to loading and thanks for asking our advice.

Lost Sheep
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