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Thanks guys.

I know exactly what you're talking about Bob. While it was "sticking" I gave a quick look at the transfer bar to see if it was catching under the firing pin. It appeared to be out far enough that it would not catch. I also stretched the spring a little bit on the retainer for the base pin, thinking that it might simply be too weak. I figured that it might not be a permanent fix, but if it improved, then I'd know that I could get the stronger spring and it should fix it. It didn't seem to help. I also checked that the retainer was tightened down adequately. The small pin in the back of the base pin seems to have good spring tension as well.

That's where I started thinking that it might be in the pawl for the cylinder or ? I don't have the history on this gun and I can't tell how many rounds have been down the pipe or, if they've been mouse farts or moose-killers. I like the gun (it goes well with all my other Rugers) but it'd be much nicer if it cycled correctly all the time. I'm thinking that a trip to Ruger might be the best way to handle it.
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