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Remember these?

I was on another forum and these "hybrids" came up.

First was the "Smython" a Smith & Wesson Model 19 fitted with a 4" or 6" Colt Python barrel. These were made up early in action pistol shooting matches to get the smooth and consistant double action of the Model 19 with the weight and accuracy of the Python's barrel.

The other was the "Smolt" a S&W 22/32 Target mated with a barrel feom a Colt Officers Model Match. Again to get the small frame and smooth single action let-off of the Smith combined with the weight of the Colt's barrel. This was especiall popular with the ladies of that era.

And Herrett's and Cloyce's Stocks, both loosely based on Walter Roper's designs. Some were so convoluted that the shooter almost put them on like putting on a glove. These led to stricter stock dimensions, and revolver modifications. The sights were to be open, contain no glass, and the front sight could not extend past the muzzle, and the rear sight had to be in front of the hammer.

It was the "Smython" that led to the Smith L-Frame revolvers.

Ah, what an era!

Bob Wright

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