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A different view

A different perspective. Gun handling discipline is an important part of the game. However, target shooting is..

Target shooting. As in an informal plinking or training session? Or is it a NRA Bullseye competition per se? Not picking a nit but......

Bad things.

Shooting things that could send the round back at me(and did). Not making sure the gun was safe(once and it scared the stuffing out of me). Learning that even though I had what seemed a safe back stop, rounds could still skip over the hill. Believing that my new found shooting buddy really is a menace to society and shouldn't even be allowed to be around guns.

Bullseye comp. Stepping forward on the firing line before it's declared safe.
Cross firing on someone else's target. Not being ready when "ready on the right....." is being called. etc.

I learned, no harm to anything, thank a deity, and went on to a safe fulfilling experience with my family.

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