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When using USPS to mail handguns, it was my understanding that both the sender and recipient had to be an 01 (or similar) FFL. (An FFL can't ship a handgun to a non-FFL, or to an 03 FFL.) The 03 FFL doesn't work for handguns (even 03-eligible ones).
The USPS restrictions are for the shipper, not the recipient. As long as the person is a 01 FFL, they can ship via USPS to any legal recipient which includes an 03 FFL holder in this case. The 03 FFL works for handguns and was basically designed for that, as long as they meet C&R criteria of course.

I have bought many handguns with my license and many 01 FFLs use the post office to me. I use my C&R for older commercial and military bring backs, not milsurp or anything imported, so I have a good bit of experience with this.

Ah, Geez, Winchester're killin' me with these pics...nice spread of Colt!
Yea, and I don't even like em S&W - improving Colt's invention since 1853
I did sacrifice the Python. For as nice as the bluing looked in that group photo, it was reblued. Sold for $956 just like that online - ridiculous IMO but they, I'm not complaining being on this side of the cash flow.

The OLDER Colt bluing is gorgeous, as is some of the bluing on older S&W revolvers. I had a Model 25 that had bluing so dark and deep you felt you could reach into it. It's all due to the POLISHING that the factory specialists did prior to bluing.
Double correct - S&W bluing was every bit as good for the most part AND its all in the polishing. I think people think that the gimic of Colt "royal" bluing distinguishes that bluing from say S&W bluing. S&W was more like "we will do the deluxe bluing as standard, no special name or seller cliche needed" kind of like standard options in a luxury car, sometimes a car salesman will brag about how many options a car has compared to something more economy like, even if the options are standard, which then aren't really options IMO (although you could order a car without standard equipment).

Here is a good example of the S&W sheen - a 4 screw 1958 model 44 magnum aka pre model 29 with the "do you feel lucky punk" 6.5 in barrel. If you think Colt bluing is better than this photo shows, it is only your opinion. I say its a tie and I have a good 2 or 3 of both.

This 44 sports its original "coke bottle" target grips and its actually in the right black presentation case that I found later. The case needs the guts, but still, I was delighted to find the correct case.

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