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When I started last century,(thats sounds old) ,I got the Rock Chucker supreme starter kit, it had all the littler things you generally have to buy later anyway(brass chamfer tool, brass brush{large & small},powder funnels,loading manual,beam scale{a good one},powder measure,press w/primer system,allen wrench set,case trimmer,brass vibra cleaner+media), all I needed was the dies . It is a little more initially but you'll end up buying it all anyway. I still use most of the stuff to this day, even though I have a progressive also now. I believe my kit was $230.00 +/- back then.

If you get your deal also, you can always sell the "extra" press from your deal on Ebay or someplace for maybe $80-$100, if it is a true Rock chucker.The rest of the pieces is worth the other $100.00 easlily. Just another option.

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