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Civil war bullets?

I bought these at a vendor in Gettysburg almost twenty years ago and just came across them the other day. Supposedly they were recovered from the battlefield years afterward. The smaller one is about .452 and weighs less than 200 grs. The larger one is about .500 and the weight is unknown. I've measured them in the past but don't recall what the specs were. My question: Do these bullets look like they could have been fired during the war? Cap and Ball pistols used balls and I don't know of any pistols at the time using metal cartridge and bullets with lube grooves. The larger projectile is also grooved (3) and has a hollow base. This one I assume is from a rifle, but I'm definitely not real knowledgeable on this subject. I hope that someone can tell me if these are of the correct vintage or just some trinkets to sell to the tourists.
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