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SR9c: First Range Report

So I just picked up my Ruger SR9C on Tuesday of this, and because of work and family obligations the first rounds down range had to wait until today. I did a very thorough cleaning before hitting the range today, to my surprise there was not a ton of gunk anywhere while cleaning. Especially in the Striker channel, that seemed to be the big problem area from several reviews read. I worked the slide quite a few times, dry fired about the same.

I picked up 4 different boxes of ammo;

Armscor 124 FMJ's
Independence 115 FMJ's
PMC Bronze 115 JHP's
Magtech 115 FMJ's

First Impressions: Pre Range;

-Very comfortable in my hand both with the compact and full size magazine
-9mm, cheap for ammo and I was familiar with it(But the FS 9 and .40 FS and C were the same price)
-I knew with it being compact it would work well for the Mrs.
-Loved the way the trigger felt
-The myriad of safety features
-Price tag was better than some of my other considerations: M&P 9/40 FS and C, FNH FNS 9/40, SA XDM 9/40

-The only one that I really could find was that the guide rod end is plastic and didnt always return to flush (not a major concern though)

At the Range and Post Range:

-Very easy shooting, the only recoil was self-created with poor technique at first. Once the wife and I corrected for that it fired very smoothly
-Sights were easy to acquire and allowed for quick follow-up shots
-Trigger was amazing and got better with more rounds fired. And the reset was very noticeable and felt good to me.
-The wife loved it, she said it was very comfortable to shoot and she could feel confident with it the more we practice (HUGE BONUS for me!)
-Flawless through 200 rounds, not one issue period! I used 4 different brands from 124gr to 115gr FMJ’s and JHP’s. Not sure if I am crazy or not, but the JHP’s had a different feel when firing them.

-I honestly can’t find one this early in the stage. But again this is my first personally owned firearm, so other than Military experience I have no comparisons.
-The wife said her only con would be the slide was a bit tough for her at first (Not sure if it will smooth out over time) and the mags were tough to load by hand.( I am sure a speed loader will help, so we are getting one) I bring these up so if you are looking for something for you and the wife to share together. But as the day went on it got better on both issues for her.

We definitely need more practice, as our accuracy was not all that great( we did hit the target alot, but could be much better). Now I am sure with the Ruger being new, it might need more break in time, or the sights could be off. But I am sure most of it was us. Either way it was a joy to shoot, and we are officially hooked. So I am quite certain I will be picking up the 40c or the FS 9 or 40. Or, just trying another brand all together. I can honestly say up to this point I would highly recommend the Ruger SR9c to anyone looking for a first. Even though it is the compact version it was pure fun to shoot. And if you are already considering the 9c, BUY IT!!!

I want to thank TFL members for the advice and help leading up to this purchase!
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