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Well as I said, buying a slightly used 66 is fine. Remember SS is not "plating" or a finish, so minor marks can be polished off. I don't like when guys take matte guns and polish them bright, I just mean some minor polishing/cleaning with the objective of getting the marks out.

The deal with the first year no dash guns is that they had a SS rear sight assembly but this was often changed out and was discontinued. I got mine for approx $400 in the box. $800 isn't worth it unless unfired with some kind of verification (hard to get) and even then, its only a 66. A 66 is a great gun, but its not a 5 screw 357 model or a first year combat magnum, or a 5 screw highway patrolman, etc etc etc

A 3 in 66 would probably be a good deal at $800. After that, even a P&R snub ANIB to me is not worth $800. Too many of them and too modern for that money.

I have one thats nearly in the condition you seek. No dash 1974 gun, P&R, box and papers, SS rear sight. If you want, you can have it for $700

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