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Bob4 Hello all ,
Brand new here but need advise on buying my first press which I think I have in my sights.
My story. Went to the range to sight in and all was fine at 100 and 200 yds. Then I needed a new box of ammo. . All of a sudden I was 2 inches low and the same to the right with 8 rounds in a 1 inch pattern. . Looked at my buddy and he said. " That's why I reload. So I get it now. If I make x amount a yr sight it in and I'm good for a while. Come time to make more I need to re-sight in. I don't mind at all.
Here's my general plan to start. I'm thinking a single stage press is fine. I have no ambitions to turn out hundreds of rounds a hr. Take my time, learn from my friend do 1 thing at a time do it well and move on.
I deer hunt. and use a .270. . I want to load ( at this point) 100-150 rounds a yr. That's all that I will use. I am looking for better accuracy than store bought ammo. I get to hunt seldom so my shots need to count.
Here's what im looking at. Rock crusher small press,
some AR mags .. brass of all sorts.. 1200 Primers... Dies for 270. 30.06... 9mm and .45
6 1 lb cans of powder. De capping tool for Military brass. bullet puller. Molds for a few different rounds. 200.00
Seems a deal to me to get started. But what do you with more experience think?
Thanks in advance for any and all info.
$200.00 for all you listed here is a steal. Go get it now. Or tell me where it is so I can go get it.
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