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"Definitive proof" means the rifle was proof tested and passed.

Like most Browning firearms, Browning offered the "Trombone Model in a number of "Grades".
These started out as plain rifles and went up to highly engraved presentation models.

The most common is the plain rifle known as the Grade 1 with an FN barrel address. A less common version are rifles with a Browning Arms Company address.
There were about 150,000 FN Grade 1's made, so they aren't rare.
There were about 3,200 with the BAC address.

The Tronbone was a John Browning design that he sold to FN. The rifle was made from 1922 to 1974, with a VERY few presentation models made in the 1980's.

Value depends on the condition and grade. Condition is the amount of original factory finish remaining and on the gun being in original configuration.
An FN address grade 1 is listed by the Blue Book as follows:


Browning Arms Company address models are worth more:

For parts,Browning Arms says to contact:

Midwest Gunworks
1101 Mason Circle Drive South
Pevely MO, 63070
Phone: 636-475-7300
Fax: 636-475-7303

Or you may have to have a gunsmith manufacture a firing pin.

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