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Love the pictured and well-described K-22's in this thread. Alas, I have only one, and it's not vintage like the ones everybody loves so dearly -- but it means an awful lot to me. Christmas present from my Mom on the first Christmas after my Dad passed away, and became my first handgun. I was 16 years old when I received it.
Thanks, and much like you, the most special one for me is my grandfathers 1953 K-22. He had 4 kids, and worked 2 jobs to be able to afford to shoot. He saved up in the 50s or early 60s and bought this K-22 used. He kept it his whole life even when he sold many of his other guns. My uncle my dad and my great uncle have memories with it because they all 4 shot together. My grandfather actually had my uncle install the trigger and hammer and then my grandfather installed the later target grips. It needed a minor repair from S&W, but after that, it runs great. I completely understand how you feel about your model 17.

Winchester 73, beautiful, simply beautiful...and how do I get on your "friend" list...I've looked for years for a K22 in like new condition, an early one, and not found the right example. Very nice indeed.
Thanks. I should just go ahead and sell you my collection. Like my uncle Les says "I'll will it to ya" - you can be my friend but I want someone to find ME a gun for a change.... (actually I shouldn't say that, I have quite a few guns that were found for me).

I am still amazed at it's accuracy. Only thing I had to do was have the sear recut. Best single action trigger I have ever felt!
They are king of the hill as far as I'm concerned. I have a Colt OMM (almost a draw vs a K22) and a Diamondback. Never cared much for the Diamondback for shooting. I also have a S&W 34 22/32 kit gun. I hope to eventually get a DW 22 although they're uncommon.

You guys and your K-22s now I'm going to have to find one, thanks a lot. I guess it's not all your fault I've been contemplating it for a while
After you check one out, hold it and shoot it, there is very little contemplating to be done.

I knew there was a soft tender guy in there the whole time, you didn't fool me for one post.
Kind of like a pop tart, aren't I?

Great looking group! I've got one K-22 from 1948 and it's the handgun I pick up when I want to shoot a .22.
Sometimes I must admit I do take my 1958 Colt OMM instead of a K-22. Its special because I only got one of those, for now...

Friends don't get friends a K22 with muzzle wear or lacking the box and papers!
I wish it didn't have holster wear but I look at it this way: like a 1969 427 corvette which needs some paint work done on just both fenders. Minor cosmetic wear present BUT its still a 60s big block corvette.
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