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(except a bullet puller that I've ordered... )

Well...that's really not enough yet. For rifle ammo you'll still have to get:

* A Case/Cartridge gage such as Hornady's that mounts on the jaws of your precision dial caliper.

* A handheld case neck turner such as the Centry 21 or Forster's HOT-100

* A neck/cartridge concentricity gage like Sinclair's.

* A good neck sizer die; Lee's collet is the least expensive and many think it's the best at any price.

* A case length trimmer, Wilson's is excellant.

Oh yeah, the money question; I started reloading in mid '65 to save money. I think I'll likely break even some time next year, then I'll be turning a profit!

Good luck and have a good time, I do.
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