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People see the words "steel jacketed", They immediately think steel like used in tools and cars. Even when the correct term is used, MILD steel, they still think of hard steel.

Steel jackets are made of very soft, low carbon steel. It's further annealed to be very soft. Sevens said they looked just like FMJ's. THAT means they most likely copper PLATED steel. The plating is very thin, but serves to cushion the rifling to some extent.

Of course the reason for the steel jackets is because copper was getting scarce everywhere. Pennies were even made out of steel for a couple of years during the war. Anything that had copper in it was taken apart and sold or donated for the war effort. Mining could not keep up. Think of all the wiring that had to used in planes, tanks and other war m machines.

Would I shoot them in my SA-45. Nope, but I don't fire ANY jacketed bullets, all mine are hand made by me from scrap lead.
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