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Bisley wins a trip to Ruger

I've got a Vaquero Bisley 357 that I bought used. I like the gun a lot but there's one thing that just has me wanting more. Everything is fine if I'm shooting 38s, but when I load her up with 357s, about every 3-4th shot, the hammer sticks. If I fiddle with the hammer, cylinder or base pin, it frees up and I can cock it and continue shooting.

Initially, I thought it might be a base pin issue and considered a Belt Mountain BP. Then I got thinking that it might be something else, and the money for the base pin might not solve the problem. I contacted Ruger and they suggested that I ship the firearm to them.

It's an older Vaquero (not NEW Vaquero) so it's the larger frame. To my knowledge, there's no issues with sending it back like an old, unconverted 3-screw or something. But I've never shipped a firearm before and, truth be told, I'm relatively new to handguns.

So, to send something to Ruger, do I just put it in a box, lick a stamp and send it off? I have to call for an RMA number and stuff from what I understand. My biggest fear is if I send it to them and they quote me some crazy price to repair it, or to get it back. Or, that it simply needed a base pin all along.

Anyone ever send one back ot the mother ship? How was the experience? what is the protocol throughout the entire procedure? Any insight is always welcome.

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