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1851 Navy Loading Questions

I traded for a brass frame 1851 Navy 36 cal. Below is the post I did in the research forum asking for some value info, includes pictures and condition info.

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I have been trying to put together what I need to shoot this revolver. I have the stuff for my 50 cal. Hawkins and some of it may help and I am not totally new to black powder just never loaded up "cap & ball" before. I have spent several hours reviewing You Tube videos, they are certainly a help.

The #11 Remington and CCI percussion caps I have are too large so I am planning on picking up some #10. Also will have to get a powder measure for pistol as the rifle one I have would be hard to get the powder into the chambers.

I plan on casting my own balls but do not have molds yet. Hopefully Cabellas will have .375 diam balls when I go there tomorrow.

Powder I have is Pyrodex P "The FFFG Equivalent" Would a starting charge of 18 grains be a good place to start. Cornmeal seems to be a popular filler between the powder charge and the ball. How much corn meal?

This brings up another question. My rifle powder measure goes up to 120 grains on the scale but the actual weight is only 75 % of that. 40 grains on the powder measure scale only wieghs 30 actual grains using my reloading scale. Should I load to actual weight or by volume per whatever powder scale I purchase for this revolver? I will also check its volume to actual weight when I get it.

Supposed to rain tomorrow but hopefully I can light off a few Sunday if Cabellas of Bass Pro has some balls. rest I can work around.

Making paper cartridges also looks interesting, may have to try that soon.

Have a great day!
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