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I can't tell you what you should do - but there are 4 versions of the Sig 226 X-Five.....

a. L-1 model - adjustable trigger SAO - list is $ 2747
b. Competition model - no adj trigger - SAO list is $1976
c. Tactical model - no adj trigger - SAO - list is $ 1696
d. all adj trigger ...and its DA/SA ..list is $ 1696...

On the L-1 model you adjust the trigger yourself to between 2.0 and 4.0 lbs and then lock it . Its a nice gun / if its in your budget. I have one in a
.40S&W and its a great gun. Its heavy / about 55 oz with a full mag in it.

The all around model of the X-Five makes no sense to me ...its the same DA/SA trigger in the standard 226's ...its a little different in other respects...but the Tactical model at the same price and SAO makes more sense to me at $ 1696. Competition model ...has the same trigger as the tactical ...all stainless ...

But they're 4 very different guns....

The L-1 model I have will shoot a 1" group at 25 yds with no my hands its not that good / old eyes too .../ but its very accurate - and the weight means it stays down as you're firing.

The trigger in all of the X-Fives still all 226's it still moves thru an arc../ I have my L-1 set to break at about 2.5 lbs...and as a range gun its great. Mine holds 14 rds of .40S&W ...mags have a special base pad on them / that gives you the extra rounds.

I also have a pair of all stainless 226's ...that model was deleted a few yrs ago can see them on the web site under deleted models. I have one in 9mm ( holds 15 ) and one in .40S&W (holds 12 ) ....and I like the standard sig DA/SA triggers in those guns as well. I think they're accurate ...but not as accurate as the X-Five L-1 model.

I don't compete with the L-1 model ...its a range toy to me...but I think you'd end up in an Open class with that gun.

I will tell you the finest 9mm I have in my a Wilson Combat 1911 - a 5" gun, with a spectacular trigger in it ...set to 3.75 lbs'll shoot 1" groups at 25 yds as well.../ holds 10 rds using Wilsons new 9mm mags / its a Wilson Combat Protector model. I wouldn't rule out a good 1911 as a competition gun either ...( buy my Wilson 9mm retails for more than the X-Five L-1 model too )...its not cheap either / but they're both very nice guns...and so are my pair of all stainless 226's...
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