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Originally Posted by zombietactics:
You quoted things out of context as though they represented the central point I was trying to make. News flash: they didn't.

You seized upon a minor - almost parenthetical - point ...a couple of sentences in a very long post ... seized upon it and pretended it was THE THING I was posting about. How can anyone do that with a straight face?

I mentioned - almost in passing - that diameter (should have qualified it with "alone", so sue me, sheesh) is pretty meaningless. Whether it's part of calculating some other factor or not is quite besides the point. I'll edit the post to be clearer ... consider that some "victory" if you must. It's as though I stated that wheel diameter doesn't tell you much about the top speed of a car, and you've rushed in to "save the day" by noting that it might have something to do with the issue. Not the same point, not the same argument.

What IS your point, anyway? Are you among the cultists who think that a 2.49mm difference in diameter takes something from "meh" to "awesome one-shot manstopper of doom!" ?
If your point was so clear, then there'd be no need for you to edit what you said. "Walk it back", edit it to your heart's content- it makes no difference to me. My posts will reflect the original content of our discussion in any event.

Originally Posted by zombietactics:
I'm not "walking back" anything, simply noting that you are just having a conversation with yourself anyway, so my participation is unnecessary.
-and yet here you are.


Originally Posted by zombietactics:
Have fun in your echo chamber. Have the last word if you like, and tell the mirror how you "sure gave it to that guy". I know it's what you live for.
Such "snark" just tells me (and everyone else reading this thread) that you've permitted your anger to get the better part of you.
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