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Slightly new spin on the 1st handgun question

So I have taken my CCW class and waiting for the application to be processed. In the meantime I have done a TON of research and seen alot of people ask what they should get for their first handgun. I have yet to see someone ask the question yet in this way.

I am looking for suggestions on my first handgun purchase whose main use will be primarily for having fun on the range and HD. In time when I become more comfortable I would like the option to carry. My Job does not allow my to carry so it would be mostly on the weekends and at night.

So my delemia what gun to get now.

Do I go for a full size - less recoil, easier to handle, longer site radius, more accurate(?) harder to CCW.

Walther PPQ - (for HD manual says cant shoot +p rounds ?)
M&P 9 - (would get apex kit)
Ruger SR9 (reliability - trigger reset, peening, mag release)
Glock 17 - (the old standb)

OR do I go the compact route - not hard to handle, possible CCW, same grip size with x-grip

M&P 9c
Ruger SR9c
Glock 19

or Get one of the above and get a single stack down the road for CCW
I do have a smaller frame and tend to wear tighter cloths. I have never tried to CCW before so im not sure what I can get away with

As you can tell I am looking at 9mm only, I like the idea of a safety but it is not a deal breaker either way. I am open to any suggestions but would like to stay in the price range of whats listed above.

Also I have found a range that has all of the above available to rent and I do plan on shooting all of them to see what I like. Im more stuck now on how to decide between FS, Compact, or Sub Compact/single stack options
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