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You need to shoot more guns you can evaluate them ( its not what I prefer ) its what you prefer....grip angle, the controls, the trigger - how it breaks, how it resets, the sights, the width, weight....all that stuff makes a big difference.

I like the Sig 226 a lot / its their full sized double stack gun ....but nothing wrong with a Sig 229 or a single stack 239 depends on what you want....( or a Glock, or XDM, or H&K, or whatever )....

A buddy went thru this recently ...he's been lusting after a Sig 226 or a Beretta 92 for a long time.....we went to my local range...he rented both/hated them both. He has some hand issues / old finger issues ...and he couldn't manipulate the controls on either the Beretta or the Sig he ended up with an XDM in 9mm....but it turned out the gun he liked the best was a 1911 in 9mm ( in a 5" barrel ) ...but he didn't want to spend the money on that gun he went with the XDM.
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