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Fully loading 870 HD

Is there any reason not to load an 870 home defense gun with the mazimum shells in the magazine and one on the feed ramp (not un der it as in ghost loading). I just realized that if I load 6 in the pipe, then chamber one of them, load another in the pipe, and then pull the forend back not quite all the way, it holds 7 but nothing is chambered.

Of course if you pick it up by the forend it locks and loads that round. If I wish, I can pick it up without chambering that 7th shell.

Some debate the prudence of warning off intruders with the shuck/shuck sound of racking a pump. I tend to lean towards keeping quiet. This way there is a single shuck.

I think I like this, since I store it with the ejection port facing out so that the shell and its high brass is clearly visible to anyone that might pick it up. I don't want anyone to forget that they should treat guns in my home as being loaded at all times. (There are no children in my home.)

I store it with the safety on.
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