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I sat over a doe and 2 fawns one time. She and her kids bedded under my stand and i listened to he chew her cudd for about 30 min. I heard another animal approaching and got to watch her reaction to the little buck about like the one in the video. The doe never showed any sign of interest in the approaching buck, then must have got his sent when he got within 20 yard.
That doe was all over the little buck, nuzzling him and, well she was a slutt!
One of the fawns got up and was watching the happenings and while she was nuzzling his flanks and his head was up in a peacock like pose, I dropped him in his tracks. She jumped straight in the air and ran about 10 yards and then just started browsing around. The fawn that was still in its bed got up and went over to the downed buck and sniffed it a bit and then went bawling over to mom. They browsed right by my stand for the next 40 min. and then I heard 1 twig snap. The doe's tail went up and the next twig that cracked she was full speed in the opposite direction. I was really curious as to what was now coming my way and a few min. later in walks a nice 8 pointer!
Well i was very curious as to what his reaction would be to the downed buck but I also didn't want to loose this guy, after all it was Tuesday and the radio in camp was calling that day, Two for Tuesday and I told my B-I-L that that sounded like a good plan, that I was going to shoot two buck that day, he said he would also and we both did just that! .
Well when the 8 pointer was coming to me I had decided that if I get any shot other than the head-on i would take it. Well he turned at the sent of the doe where she crossed the trail he was on and gave me a good shot that put him down too.
Sorry for the long story.
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