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After watching this thread and re-reading BAC1023 Buyer's Guide for the 6th time, I felt the urge in my loins to get another 1911. BAC1023 states:

All in all, we have a new 1911 selling for $650 with all the features you need and none that you don't in a very attractive package. Couple that with the fact that its built entirely in the United states by the largest gun manufacturer in the world and we have something that's almost too good to be true. Naturally, this gun performed flawlessly at the range with the limited number of rounds I have through it and all reviews that I have read have been overwhelmingly positive. I think Ruger may have the best entry level 1911 on the market, but they need to catch up to demand to somehow keep prices stable.

I decided to take his advice and buy a Ruger SR1911. The kicker my LGS has the stainless steel version for $578 + tax.
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