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It starts leveling out after awhile. After two years, I'm at the point where I actively look for things to buy for reloading...but realize I really don't need it much less have a real use for it. But I did spend quite a bit more than I thought I would have when I started. It's been money well spent, the basics only get you so far...but I kind of knew that when I started.
Good to go with dies, case gauges, chrony, upgraded the powder measure, upgraded the all the toys I need. Now it's just brass, powder, primer and bullets. When my actual shooting skills can justify it, I'll move up to the uber elaborate bullet seaters. Right now I truly have everything any reloader would need, and I do save money on most of the calibers I load for.
But, in all honestly it's not the saving money aspect I do it for now, it's the higher quality of ammo I'm able to turn out. A little time working on load, trial and error at the range and I've come up with some loads that work better for each specific firearm than any factory ammo I could buy. For me, that's ended up being the real fun in reloading.
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