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I had always said a gun collection just isnt a gun collection without a 1911. I wanted one BAD!!! well, I just picked up my first one with a RIA Compact 1911. I did what I would call a TON of research on it and think it's probably the most economical 1911 out there. I passed on it at the first gun show, just because I hate spending money, but I wasnt going to let it go at the next one.

It also is extremely reliable. More so in many cases than more expensive models. it may not be the prettiest girl at the prom, but man she works and shoots great.

My Girlfriend shot it for the first time (after shooting her Sig P238) the other night. Had never shot a .45 before. Is less than 5' tall and weigh's 112lbs.

She completely took the #2 off the number two target. That was only her second trip to the range and to shoot. Ever! She said it was her favorite gun she shot of the night over my Glock and her Sig P238. No failures out of any of the three guns that night.

I love my RIA .45
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