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How does this .308 recipe sound?

It's essentially straight out of the VihtaVuori manual:

A 150gr SPBT Sierra (Gameking or Matchking) in a Norma case (Jaktmatch cartridges bought and fired) or similar sat atop 40.4-44-3gr of N135 or 42.3-46.8gr of N140. Primers will be either Fiocchi, Remington or CCI: they are the most commonly available!

The N135 generates better velocities and requires a bit less powder so should give more loads per tub.

Component choice is large based on availability and price. The Sierra bullets are available and relatively cheap. "Only" €35-40 per hundred...

Cheaper options are 150gr FMJBT PRVIs.

This is for just range shooting. 100-300m for now (although 100 only for the forseeable future), but given my experience with reloading so far being so limited, once I find a load that does the job, I just stick to it, hence why I want to find a good general, all-purpose load from the beginning.
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