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8mm Mauser vz24

I did reply to f. Guffey's last post forewarning me of difficulty in removing the barrel. I don't see that reply on this thread! Well, I'm new to must be somewhere.
In fact it was very difficult to remove. As f.guffy states wood is useless. It took heat ( used cautiously ), pipe wrench, and long extentions to break it loose. Wonderful cracking sound when it finally gave.
The new barrel screws in nicely but lands on the shoulder. It is .010 short of the C ring. I can get a friend to cut the barrel and get it to torque on the C ring.
Given .010 needed for the barrel to engage both the c ring and shoulder at once -how much should I remove so as to land on the C ring first and yet close the gap from the receiver to thee barrel shoulder?
I plan to use wood for the installation maybe giving the receiver wrench one good strike with a hammer.
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