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H&K USP - a GLOCK fan's opinion

I am a H&K hater.... yet I own a H&K USP. I'm a GLOCK fan through in through but I own a H&K USP .40 S&W Variant 3 (made around 2003). I bought it on a whim from a local gun shop. It was a LEO only sale.... Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office sold a ton of guns to the shop on the condition that they only sold them to other LEOs. Hey, I'm against policies like that but it's the way the world works.

Anyways.... this H&K was for $400 with case, factory night sights, three mags, and the factory H&K light. I collect and figured what the hell. It's a smooth shooting pistol and the trigger isn't great but it's not horrid either. It's a typical modern day production double/single action polymer framed pistol. I'd put it right next to my FNP-45 in terms of quality or a Sig Sauer P2022.

I've grown attached to it somewhat simply because I do respect H&K for making quality products. But their pricing is insane for new guns. Their designs are that revolutionary or amazing; they're simply good and current.

The frame feels a little thin by the bottom of the mag well and flexes if I squeeze it. It's not as rigid as my GLOCKs or FNP-45. It has a higher bore axis and that does effect time to target during fast strings of fire due to recoil, the magazine release does take some time to get used to, and lastly it's not this fancy super amazing piece of High Speed Low Drag Delta Navy SEAL Green Beret SAS high tech super weapon. It's a service pistol designed for a (at the time) conscript army. That's what majority of H&Ks weapons have been. The G3, MP5, HK33, USP, etc.... It is designed for easy production and simply servicing by a soldier that has never been a "gun guy".

I'm not gonna sell my H&K USP and I do enjoy it but I also understand that it's over hyped and over priced. H&K does not hate civilian sales but they also won't bend over backwards for it and that's due to German and American laws.

You sound like you want a USP because you have other quality firearms. Nothing wrong with that.... hence why I bought mine. I see them for sale used quite often in the $450-$550 price range and that's not great but a hell of a lot better then paying $800+ for a handgun that does what my GLOCKs, FNP-45, M&Ps, Rugers, Berettas, etc... can do.

In the end.... H&K USPs are nice pistols and I'm glad I own mine. I like the design and it's not a bad pistol.... every collector should own one simply because variety is awesome and I want for my future kids and grand kids to inherit as many good quality firearms has I can. If you have the cash and want one... go after it. You won't regret it unless you pay top dollar. They are worth owning but not at the crazy prices folks pay for 'em.
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