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Mil Surp Brass

I am on a miser's misson. I am just starting to develop loads for a new (to me) 30-06 Howa 1500. Since I have picked up about 20 lbs. of mil surp -06 brass in the last few years, I decided to play. The primary reason was to determine if the reduced internal capacity of the mil-surp cases would deliver higher pressures/higher velocities than commercial cases. Remember, I'm cheap at heart - more pressure/less powder!

Deprime and de-crimp
Trim to OAL listed in manuals
Clean ultrasonically
Clean primer pockets
First load - 29 rounds 165gr Sierra Spitzer Boattails with loads ranging by .5gr from 47gr to 50.5 gr of Varget (yes, it's not the best -06 powder, but I've got 10 lbs. of it to use)
Max COAL of 3.30"

Three shots at each load (only two at max) fired at 100yds, 95deg F, 95% humidity in Galveston, TX in late August,

no adjusting of scope, just looking for grouping, 5 minutes plus dry patch down barrel after each set

Chrono died of humidity before first string, so now I'm down to accuracy.

everything was spread at 1" to 1-1/2" until I hit 48.5 gr. Three shots under 1/2". Next best was 49gr = just over 3/4" group.

Started to have bolt lift issues at 50.5 gr. so glad it was over.

just finished reloading these 29 cases, and under extreme inspection, no evidence of case deterioration/deformation/primer pressure signs, etc.

I am open to comments and am not overly sensative, but I do bite back in the clinches.

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