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So the pistol is sort of a stand in compact rifle in effect. Even a full size pistol is very very compact when compared to a rifle. So why handicap yourself with a micro pistol?
Because day in and day out I've found pocket carry works best for ME.
I can shoot twice as fast with my 5" 1911 than I can with my j frame. (effectively). I'm not slamming on you snubby guys, if you can shoot fast and accurate with your snubby, wonderful! I can not. But I can shoot my 911 better with one hand fast than I can those infernal snubs with two hands.
Or so it seems to me.
I shoot a snub very well,but it did take a while for me to get there. I'll also say for me there is damn little difference between a 4" and 5" barreled auto or between a 3" and 4" revolver.
rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6
originally posted my Mike Irwin
My handguns are are for one purpose only, though...
The starter gun on the "Fat man's mad dash tactical retreat."
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