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But you do get to shoot more...right?
Well, I've not been to the range for a while: time mostly but the times I have been recently I have shot my .44 and .38 quite a bit more than I would have done.

The knowledge that I can just "make more" rounds has meant I haven't rationed myself the way I had when I had my box of 240gr S&B's with no idea where I would next get some.
Do you realise that I travelled 120miles for a single box (50) of .44Mag...?! Mostly I wanted the brass.
That is dedication...

I know have about 240 cases and if I go easy on the crimps, they should last, even if not the best brass for reloading. I've also bought 500 240gr TC FMJ PPV bullets, but they were EXPENSIVE!!! Still, based on recent reading, perhaps the elusive 300gr bullet is not needed for my woods round: perhaps these 240'ers sat on a medium to heavy load of N110 will do. Partly why I bought the chrono: to see what they are reaching.
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