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In my opinion, based upon years of training, is that the one shot stop concept is complete BS, compounded by sheer stupidity.
If your life is in imminent danger, only a fool would rely on one shot to end the threat. If you are forced to resort to deadly force, the only object is to stop the attacker from continuing the action that is a threat to your life. In order to do this, you will be forced to continue to fire until the threat has ended...

Uh, I don't think the point of any "one shot stop" discussion was to shoot once, then stop. I've never ever heard that idea expressed in any way. I believe the idea of the concept was trying to figure out what was most likely to work fastest, and with fewest shots required to get the job done. A 22 with solids may indeed stop an attack if fired enough times, but it may not do it quickly enough to satisfy most of us.

From shooting game, I have a hard time putting much faith in any of the "tests" if any RN solid bullet is anywhere near close to a functioning hollow point or flat point (Keith type) bullet in effectiveness.

Regarding the comment above about shooting critters with 9's and 45 autos, that about reflects my experience. RN full jacket loads are pretty pathetic when trying to kill game, or keep them from wandering off after shooting them. After using 45 auto ball ammo on various small game, I had to conclude people were much less tough than the avarage jack rabbit or coyote. I shot one pack rat 3 or 4 times with 9mm ball before it slowly sucumbed. A single 22 HP would have been pretty much instantly fatal, as they generally are with jacks, and marmots. Large flat points, and hollow points that work make wicked wounds in game, and anchor them much faster than any type of round nose bullet. Larger animals behave differently than smaller ones when shot, but shoot enough game with different things, and you start to look at things a bit differently than most seem to.
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