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I was a little surprised to find he shot a Glock (Model 19, he told me) as he was dressed in neither camouflage nor ninja black. Also told me he was a hunter, though not a real enthusiast. A real nice man!
What surprised you Bob, that you don't need camo or black when hunting and shooting Glock 19s? Bata Bing!

Did you ask him if he had tags, and what the daily limit is? Rimshot.

And is there a caliber restriction when hunting G19s, to ensure a humane kill? Or would that be 9mm auto fed directly into the G19s magazine and just wait for the inevitable lemming instincts to kick in? Ka Boom!

As a non hunting enthusiast, I am taking that to mean that he was a meat hunter (we all know that there is plenty of meat on the slide of a G19), and obviously not a trophy hunter. And another rimshot!

And if he waits for a few more seasons, perhaps he will find a G26 that has matured and become a G19 and is now legal. (Now how a 26 grows up and becomes a 19 defies the laws of...) Bata Boom!

Seriously Bob, thank you for the opportunity to just have a little fun this morning and I am glad that you meet another positive member of our community!

(All comments made are solely the opinions of the author and were made tongue in cheek/for entertainment purposes only. Do not try this at home. Please check your local, state, and federal laws before attempting anything like this in public; Glock hunting may be prohibited in your locale. Remember: ignorance of the law is no excuse.)
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