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You were right! Curse you all: YOU WERE ALL RIGHT!!

I bought a .44Mag in February or so. I bought cartridges, found them expensive and hard to come by, so I investigated options.

Everyone said "Reload". So I did.

They also said "Beware! Don't think you'll save any money, even if that is why you're starting"
Ridiculous: I mean, what the heck do they know? I just want the basics. I not going to go mad on this reloading business. It's a means to an end. That's all...

And yet, despite having all the gear I need to reload, I have just spent just under £300 on more stuff. Aside from a pair of BC flip-up lens covers, it's all reloading stuff!!

A spare turret for the .308 rifle dies, case guage and trimmer.

Nothing too expensive so far, but then come the Hornady Sonic Cleaner (smaller to ship, not dependant on number of cases to work well, big enough for my needs, and quick!!) and then a Comp Electronics Pro Chrono. (I figured it might help me see what my reloads are doing)

OK. Now that really is "it". Not one thing more. Nada. Zip...

(except a bullet puller that I've ordered... )
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