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P-01 and Critical Duty

So, I have shot about 600 rounds now, both cheap ball and the Hornady critical duty ammo...

First, this pistol is sweet... The more I shoot it, the more I love it. I have, however, had the opportunity to run into a couple issues, though. I sweat a lot, including my hands, and I find the stock rubber grips, while very nice initially, do not have good grip when moist. I am replacing them with VZ tactical diamonds within the week, I'll report again when that happens.

Second, I fcompared the MecGar magazines I got to the ones that came with it, and I found the springs in the MecGars is stouter than the factory springs. Diameter according to my eye is about 1.2 mm vs 1 mm, with the strength to boot. While hand unloading a factory mag loaded with critical duty, the follower stopped somewhere around half capacity, due to a rubber tip of a bullet hitting the front of the mag. The MecGar couldn't reproduce the problem. Not saying it is immune to it, or that the factory mags are bad, just an observation of a small sample size... The Hornady rounds didn't cause issue during firing, either, with either mags, but I think I am going to swap to another more conventional round just to be sure.

Bottom line, GET A P-01!!!!!!! It's such a sweet shooter, and very comfy. I am now convinced that SA/DA with a decoder is my working gun function of choice, and this one works great... May have to get an SP-01 soon.......
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