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I should have mentioned I'm looking at 66 no dash guns; pinned, recessed and stainless steel rear sight. Maybe that makes a difference ???
Yes, that would make some difference. What barrel length? Four inch barrels were very common. Six inch barrels also common, but not as much so as the four inchers. Two and one-half inchers, IMO, are the most desirable for collector's purposes.

If I were in the market for a collectable and came upon a 66 no dash with 2 1/2 inch barrel, virtually unfired (i.e., no carbon deposits, etc) original box with paperwork, tools, etc, I could see someone asking $800. Would I pay $800? Probably not, because I shoot my guns and a P&R snub 66 can be had for much less.

The only way I could see someone paying that much for that gun would be in the case of a pure collector.

But what are you looking at, specifically? You said "specimans", plural. So, you've seen more than one 66 no dash for $800? Give us more details re condition of gun, barrel length, box, etc.
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