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The question is whether the steel jackets are harder or softer than the steel barrel.
Gotta' think they are much softer to be used as bullets.
I would think exactly this as well, or perhaps-- that is what I am hoping.
However...if these slugs were made in a shed behind the Ural mountains, I don't have half a clue if those guys gave a **** about how soft or friendly they are to a handgun's barrel. I'm not at all worried about running them through a Ruger P-90, but I'm still looking for some more opinions.

Put one bullet in saltwater for a week, if the jacket rusts it is iron, if not it is likely a cupro-nickel alloy. Nickel content over 50% is enough to attract a magnet.
I like this experiment! Dumb question: can I simply swish in a bunch of table salt in tap water for this little test?

Better question-- what if it doesn't rust and it turns out to be this cupro-nickel alloy. What can I or should I deduct from that? Cupro-nickel alloy is softer than steel? What's gained by a cupro-nickel alloy over a copper jacket... simply cheaper?

I appreciate the help & opinions, gents. Please keep them coming.

No fear that these WON'T get shot, it's just a matter of what I use to fling them down range. I hardly shoot the P-90...well, ever. I suppose this is as good a reason as any.
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